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Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish – Getting Lia’s Groove Back

Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish – Getting Lia’s Groove Back

Getting Lia’s Groove Back

The grand finale of Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish 2018 took place at Gold Reef City and we couldn’t have asked for a better and more heartwarming way to round it all off.

Lia and Noel were childhood sweethearts and have been married for 25 years. At the age of 10, Lia was involved in a hit and run car incident which resulted in her becoming a paraplegic. Noel was 14 years old when he fell out of a tree, breaking his back. He too became a paraplegic.

Due to their inability to have children, Lia and Noel opened their hearts and home to two beautiful girls who are now 13 and 14 years old.

Around two years ago, Noel developed a second pressure ulcer. For a paraplegic with pressure ulcers, this is an extremely dangerous infection to have and is life-threatening. As a result, Noel is now unable to work.

Trouble struck again when Lia’s kidneys started to fail due to a chronic kidney infection. A few months ago she was informed by her specialist that she had gone into kidney failure and would need dialysis for the rest of her life. Due to the fact that Lia is over 50, she is not eligible for a donor kidney but even if she were, due to the horrific scarring from her childhood accident, the surgery cannot be carried out.

To top it all off the only car they have, a 12-year-old station wagon which has especially been adapted for their needs has stopped working. Lia now has absolutely no way of getting to the hospital for her bi-weekly dialysis or to the job that she so desperately needs to support her family.

Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish was so touched by Lia and Noel’s story and felt that we had to do something to help them. We approached our partner, Gold Reef City, to find out if there was any way they could assist. And boy, could they! Thanks to them, Lia and Noel’s car troubles are a thing of the past. They are now the proud owners of a brand spanking new Renault Kwid! And, because of Lia and Noel’s unique needs, Hot Cares will pay to have the car adapted so that they can move to drive it with ease. We wish Lia and Noel health, happiness and plenty of happy miles in their new car – a perfect way to end what has been a very special Christmas Wish 2018!

Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish – Gavin Rautenbach

Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish – Gavin Rautenbach

A Roof Over Gavin and Jacqui’s Heads

Jacqui Rautenbach nominated her husband, Gavin, for the Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish.

Gavin recently had a stroke and, according to Jacqui, the past month has been really tough for all. Gavin has also been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

In her mail, Jacqui told Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish that they have a leaking roof.  Despite trying on numerous occasions, Gavin just can’t seem to fix it. With his latest setback, he is now unable to move tiles and seal the gaps where water is getting through.

According to Jacqui, the roof trusses are rotting and the ceiling boards have started to sag – it’s in a desperate state.  All of this is making Gavin unhappy and he gets very stressed out every time it rains.

Jacqui told us her husband is forever doing things for others and wanted to know if there was anything we could do for him this time around.

And, of course, there is.

Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish, in conjunction with Hot Cares, will gladly put up the money to fix Gavin and Jacqui’s roof, ensuring they’re comfortable come rain, hail or shine.

Hot Cares Soup Kitchen Ends The Year Off With A Bang!

Hot Cares Soup Kitchen Ends The Year Off With A Bang!

It’s been our privilege to have fed hundreds of people since the start of the Hot Cares Soup Kitchen earlier on in 2018. Since it’s inception, through your generous support of the Hot Cares initiative, we’ve been able to touch lives and provide a healthy, reliable meal every Friday to those who need it most.

The 7th of December, we wrapped up a wonderful year’s worth of the Hot Cares Soup Kitchen. We rounded off things at the Randburg Methodist Church with a bang giving out Christmas gifts and care packs of food and treats to see our weekly visitors through their Festive Season. Thank you to our partners Jeep South Africa who have supported Hot Cares’ efforts throughout the year. We look forward to a prosperous 2019 together!

Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish – Ryan Bow

Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish – Ryan Bow

A Ride Along for Ryan

Liz Bow got in touch with Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish to nominate her son, Ryan. Despite being born mentally handicapped, 41-year-old Ryan is a bright light in his family. They call him ‘News of the World” in the house because he always keeps the family informed about what is happening in the neighbourhood!

While he cannot read, Ryan learns a lot of what he shares from radio and television. Liz says, “Every time his phone beeps he has to bring it to me or his Dad to read the message to him. But it makes him feel important and he says it is essential we know what is going on around us.”

In 2003 Ryan was given the opportunity to ride with the Flying Squad. This has, to date, been the highlight of his life – so much so that he still proudly displays his certificate from the day on his bedroom walls!

In a perfect world, Ryan would love to be a paramedic. Unfortunately, given his circumstances, that simply isn’t possible. However, Liz says it’s been his dream for years now to ride a shift with an emergency ambulance.

This was an easy call for Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish and a truly heart-warming request to make a reality! We contacted our friends at Destination Medicine Rescue who didn’t hesitate to offer Ryan the ride of his life alongside one of their world-class EMS Crews.

Thank you to Tim Gray and the Destination Medicine Crew for making this Christmas Wish come true!

Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish – Robert and Evelyn Cloete

Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish – Robert and Evelyn Cloete

Robert and Evelyn Cloete

Our hearts broke when Bianca Cloete contacted us to nominate her elderly Mom and Dad who were, quite literally, taken for a ride recently.

Robert Cloete’s car was making a terrible noise. When he took it to the garage it turned out that he would have to replace the entire engine. With the car out of service plan, and with Robert and Evelyn burdened by a considerable amount of financial commitments, they went online to find a less expensive mechanic to try to help them. They found what looked like a reputable mechanic.

The Cloetes paid an upfront fee of R8500 for a replacement engine. When the car was collected they were promised that the vehicle would be repaired within 2- 4 working days. Two days later the mechanic asked for a further payment of R3720 to be paid into a personal bank card account. It was at this point Robert became suspicious.

The car was subsequently returned. However, the so-called mechanic keeps calling the Cloetes about money even though the vehicle still isn’t in proper working condition. Bianca says this has been the most stressful time in her parents’ lives; R14 660 out of pocket, Robert and Evelyn are desperate to get their only family vehicle up and running again.

Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish spoke to Jose, the Cloete’s neighbour, who’s a mechanic. Based on his recommendation, we’ll cover the expenses involved in getting their car fixed and in running order again.

In addition, we will also give the Cloete family the R15 000 which they were scammed out of to see them through the Christmas period.