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Wings of Inspiration/Have A Heart Foundation – 27 05 2019

Wings of Inspiration/Have A Heart Foundation – 27 05 2019

Last winter, Hot Cares lent some Hot Cares help to the Have a Heart Foundation by replacing all the windows in their building which had been smashed in, making the shelter vulnerable to the cold.
Since then, they’ve had to move premises (for the better) and have now partnered with Wings of Inspiration – a great organisation that does a lot in the community – to renovate and retrofit the warehouse space they’ve found to make it fit for use as an old age home.
To help them get settled and make the place homely, Hot Cares has purchased 24 beds and mattresses. Thank you to Mattress Factory who’ve donated pillows for each bed. And in the heartwarming spirit of Ubuntu, a Hot 91.9 FM listener called in to donate her old kitchen to this very worthy cause.

Hot Cares – Making A Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

Diepsloot Health and Wellness Mission

Diepsloot Health and Wellness Mission

Phezile Koekoe reached out to Hot Cares to tell us about the Health and Wellness Mission Project she spearheads in Diepsloot.

Every Thursday morning, a group of 45 people who are openly living with HIV and Aids who come together for mutual support group, skills development, spiritual support, health talk and food security.

As they encourage each other, there’s also a time of spiritual input through bible study, motivation and prayer. At the end they get food donations from Woolworths. Although, it’s not enough, it usually only lasts for a day or two and on other days, the people have to search around for decent food to take their medication.

They’re always in need of non-perishable foods, volunteers for trauma counselling and health talks, sanitary pads, as well as clothes and blankets.

To contribute towards the incredible work they are doing to educate, inform and encourage people in their community, Hot Cares has purchased grocery and toiletry items to the value of R7000 to assist.


Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us

Encouraging Carolyn

Encouraging Carolyn

Nominated by her friend Lynn, Carolyn has hit a truly tough time.

After having moved up to Johannesburg from Simon’s Town with her partner Anthony seeking a brighter future, things took a turn 2 years ago when Anthony tragically took his own life 2 years ago.

Carolyn found herself in this emotional adversity and left with nothing – no car, no accommodation. Being in her 50’s, Carolyn has been struggling recently following her retrenchment a few months back.

Her sister in New Zealand is helping her with renting a small cottage where she stays with her old doggie and cat, but she battling to find work because she doesn’t have a car and doesn’t have finances for transport.

Hot Cares are happy to assist Carolyn with grocery hampers including food for her pets, as well as for 3 month’s rent.

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

Hot Cares Tristan

Hot Cares Tristan

Tristan has an Auto Immune deficiency, namely IgA and IgG.
He is asthmatic so whenever he picks up a bug from another child, friend, family member it goes straight to his chest as it’s his biggest weak point.

His body can’t fight the normal sniffles or cough, flue etc. like other healthier children can.
He goes from having a cough to Pneumonia within 36-48 hours.

Related to this he suffers from chronic constipation / total blockages where he has to be admitted for cleanses and flushes.

So far this year he has been admitted 3 times into hospital, last year was a better year only 5 times.

Winter and change of season is a bad time for him so he needs to have a few polygamy infusions soon.

The two upcoming fundraisers ( FOR THE PUBLIC) for Tristan’s treatments are:

1. A school Fun run organised by Seren House school @ Diggers Randburg on the 3rd May.

2. The 2nd is an Action Netball tournament/day on the 11th May @ Fourways Falcons Action Sports, Northlands. ett Slabbert
| Pat Hi

Hot Cares will be donating R10 000 Ten Thousand Rand towards Tristan’s treatments
We ask our listeners to donate towards this precious boys treatments, every bit helps.

Miemie Paints The Town!

Miemie Paints The Town!

This morning on Mansfield in the Morning, Hot Cares got to experience the spirit of tenacity, community and love that, in truth, keeps the world turning.

Jeanine Du Toit contacted Hot Cares on behalf of her friend Miemie, being a member of The Chemo Buddies herself. This group of ladies receive chemo every Wednesday at the Westrand Oncology Centre, have become more than friends, more than family, as they share all the good and bad times. Jeanine met Miemie in 2018[, at which time Miemie had already been diagnosed terminal.
But ever positive, and full of jokes, Miemie never allowed spirits to remain low for very long, no matter what.

Two weeks ago, Miemie was given 6 months to live as the chemo has done nothing to stop the cancer.

Jeanine contacted Hot Cares to do something for Miemie, as The Chemo Buddies refuse to let anything dampen their spirits. Chicago -The Musical is one of Miemie’s favourite shows and Jeanine had hope to take the Chemo Buddies out on the town. Beside the high cost of the tickets, another problem is that Miemie cares for her ailing 96-year-old mother who can’t be left alone at night.

Hot Cares decided that when it comes to the Chemo Buddies we’d make sure their evening is nothing but “razzle dazzle”. Not only will we get a certified night nurse for to care for Miemie’s mum on the evening, the ladies will be treated to chauffeur service to and from Montecasino, pre-show dinner and Chicago the Musical VIP evening – and all that jazz!

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us