2019 Liberty Radio Awards

2019 Liberty Radio Awards

Hot 91.9fm, Managing Director and 2018 SA Radio Hall of Fame inductee, Lloyd Madurai, does it again, taking Hot 91.9fm to Station of the Year, for the 3rd consecutive year.

It was a definite case of David downing Goliath last night at the 2019 Liberty Radio Awards as Hot 91.9FM ran riot, scooping up a massive 12 awards out of 24 nominations including the prestigious Station of The Year for an unprecedented 3rd consecutive time.

Reacting to the impressive clutch of awards Hot 91.9FM Managing Director, Lloyd Madurai, said “We are incredibly proud of Hot 91.9FM`s achievements at the 2019 Liberty Radio Awards, proving once again that the station`s focus on delivering unique community-driven entertainment resonated deeply with judges and with the people of Johannesburg. The Hot family of DJs, staff and management share these honours with the most important element in the station`s success story: the listeners and the community.”

Hot 91.9FM won awards in the following categories:

Afternoon Drive Presenter – Simon Parkinson

The Big Joburg Drive keeps the afternoon Johannesburg commute as entertaining as humanly possible, despite horrendous traffic jams and endless broken robots! With Parky at the helm the trio (including Gladys and Dylan) do their best to keep listeners entertained with fun banter and escapism after a long, hard day at work. Fantastic music interspersed with the ever – irreverent Fact Files, the Survey of the Day, stories told by Simon as well as the general light-heartedness of the show lifts those weary minds and bodies out of the traffic.

Afternoon Drive Show – The Big Joburg Drive:

From 16h00 – 18h30, Monday through Friday, Hot 919.9FM`s Afternoon Drive is designed to lighten the load after a stressful working day in the city. Simon Parkinson, Gladys Sithole on news and Dylan Rogers on sport, have the most play the best drive-time music, dispersed with light banter. The show rewards Joburgers with great prizes for making it through the work day in the daily 16.30 and 17.00 Clubs. The very popular Fact Files, Survey of the Day and the News That Gladys Refused to Use reveal quirky revelations about the world we live in and, if anything notable has happened during the day (which is often the case), Parky and the gang will be on it with their healthy, unique brand of humour. There’s something for everyone on the Big Joburg Drive!

Breakfast Show Presenter – Jeremy Mansfield

Jeremy Mansfield and morning radio go together like eggs and bacon. During his 20 – odd years on the breakfast airwaves, his wit, charm, kind persona and larger – than – life approach to radio have seen him become one of Johannesburg’s favourite sons. After an 8 – year hiatus, Mansfield joined Hot 91.9FM in November 2018 as the new host of morning show. His gravitas and impact were immediately felt, helping the station raise R2 million in 12 hours at the Hot Cares Teddy – thon. He also brought back his much – loved Christmas Wish, which tugged at heartstrings all over South Africa. His partnership with Sam Cowen and the rest of the team has resulted in a morning show that oozes ‘listenability’. He is, quite simply, one of the best to have ever graced the South African radio airwaves.

Breakfast Show-Mansfield in the Morning

Mansfield in the Morning is everything a breakfast show should be: fun, compelling and community driven. Hosted by the legendary Jeremy Mansfield, Mansfield in the Morning stands out for its original, engaging and relatable content. The team of Jeremy Mansfield, Sam Cowen, John Walland, Simon Hill, Karabo Yibe and Will Scott get the morning started in a fun and engaging way, with great music and light hearted, conversation, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. This combined with Hot 91.9fm’s, Hot Cares initiative, makes “Mansfield in the Morning”, Joburg’s most loved breakfast show.

Community Project – ‘Touching 100 Lives in Honour of Madiba’s 100th Birthday’

For the entire month of July 2018, Hot 91.9FM set out to touch 100 lives in honour of what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. The campaign culminated on July 18th (Madiba’s birthday) when the Hot 91.9FM team, along with the Hot Cares team and generous donors, combined to renovate the Hlalisekani Playgroup in Kyasands Informal Settlement in a single day! It was mass co – ordination second to none and showed what can be achieved where there is great collaboration and a serious will to do so!

Content Producer-Sam Cowen & William Scott

Award-winning producer of the flagship Mansfield in the Morning breakfast show on Hot91.9FM, William Scott brings his quiet genius to every aspect of the show. With his 20 plus years of experience, Scott manages to strike the perfect balance between fun and informative, quirky and serious to create fresh content that stands out from the rest. Besides being an ace content producer he is also responsible for the audio production on the show and the station. His talent and technical know – how combine to help create the magic and movement that is Mansfield in the Morning.

Daytime Show – Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim is a multi-awarding radio DJ and TV personality. He has been on South African radio for 24 years and has won SA Radio Awards for Best Commercial Music Show in 2012 and Best Community Weekend Radio Show in 2015. As an ambassador for the Cancer Association of SA as well as the Heart and Stroke Foundation of SA, he often uses the radio platform to educate his listeners on health matters, especially the importance of early detection. Mark’s down-to-earth demeanour and wry sense of humour mixed with the biggest radio hits form the 80s and 90s is the perfect combination as you sit in Joburg traffic… or ponder over that Excel spreadsheet at work! The show also features some quick music games such as the ‘1 Second Challenge’ and Mark is known for his engagingly cryptical way of throwing forward to his upcoming songs in a way that keep listeners tuned in for another 15 minutes, waiting to see if they got it right or not.

News Bulletin Reader-Gladys Sithole

With 10 years of news reading under her belt already, Gladys Sithole is a natural journalist. Keen to gather information and identify the bigger picture, Gladys delivers clear, concise bulletins that are rich in information yet easy for a listener to understand. Her smooth, easy style of reading lends authority and believability to every bulletin. Her respect for the role of journalism in our democracy, especially community news and the direct impact it has on our listeners, is evident in her passion for broadcasting as a whole. Gladys has a knack for spotting potential big stories in their infant stages, making it possible for her news to be ahead of the curve.

Promotions Stunt/Event – ‘Touching 100 Lives in Honour of Madiba’s 100th Birthday’

For the entire month of July 2018, Hot 91.9FM set out to touch 100 lives in honour of what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. The campaign culminated on July 18th (Madiba’s birthday) when the Hot 91.9FM team, along with the Hot Cares team and generous donors, combined to renovate the Hlalisekani Playgroup in Kyasands Informal Settlement in a single day! It was mass co – ordination second to none and showed what can be achieved where there is great collaboration and a serious will to do so!

Station Imaging

Hot 91.9FM`s unique, sleek, professional and ‘international’ imaging gives the station its trademark ‘old skool and R & B’ feel and identity. When listeners tune in they are left in no doubt that they are listening to Hot 91.9FM! It’s also one of the many things that sets Hot 91.9FM apart from all the other radio stations out there.

Bright Star Award – Simon Hill

Simon Hill was recognised by the industry at the 2019 Liberty Radio Awards as a ‘Bright Star’. The criteria for this award is someone ‘either on air, or behind the scenes – who is making his/her mark on the industry. The award is aimed at a person who has an intrinsic understanding and love for the medium, respects its past, but who also has great ideas about its future… [and someone] on whom the radio station has come to rely.’ Needless to say, Simon fulfilled these criteria quite comfortably!

Station of the Year (Community)

For the 3rd year running, Hot 91.9FM bagged the highly-coveted Station of the Year title in the Community Radio category. This award bears testimony to all that Hot has achieved throughout the year – from its various community engagement projects aimed at making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us to the line-up of shows and, of course, the great music it plays every single day.

Vumacam, Future City and Hot919Fm

Vumacam, Future City and Hot919Fm

Hot91.9FM and Future City Fourways have done it again!

In partnership with Vumacam, we have launched the largest crime prevention project to date to make the Greater Fourways Community much safer for all!

As part of the successful HOT SQUAD initiative, Vumacam are providing 25 key intersections within Fourways with state-of-the-art HD camera’s to monitor vehicle license plates and intelligent software to monitor activities along these intersections

Rest assured, all this will be done within the Protection of Personal Information Act, making Fourways safer for all who live and travel within the community!

Community benefits flowing from the deployment of the Vumacam’s together with the Hot Squads include:

Substantially improved area safety and security.

More efficient deployment of security and policing resources.

Major precinct crime deterrent.

Real -time traffic monitoring.

Significantly enhanced property values.

Increased employment creation for the Hot Squad.

Powerful municipal services monitoring and management tool.

Clear evidential chain for prosecution of criminal activities and criminals.

Efficient state- of -the -art monitoring of not only traffic but pedestrians.

Interface between all utility organizations i.e JRA, Joburg Water, Joburg Parks, Pikitup, Provincial roads and Future City Fourways,

Prevention of cable theft.





Hot Cares Helps Zulu

Hot Cares Helps Zulu

Today on Mansfield in the Morning, Hot Cares spoke to Mxolisi Zulu. Affectionately known as Zulu, he works at Blanket Biz in Carlswald for Natalie Pope who nominated him for some help through Hot Cares.


A man with a heart for animals, Zulu has been living on the Pope property for over two years and in that time, she’s come to know Zulu as someone who’s always ready with a smile and joke, and share’s his compassionate nature with Natalie’s elderly Mum and ‘furkids’ with whom he shares the property.


More than that, Zulu is very active in his community doing animal outreach and caring for vulnerable animals in the township. He’s also a bit of a hero, having single-handedly thwarted and caught would be cable thieves and stood guard over them till security arrived.

May 2019 will see a Little Zulu or Zulu Princess born, as quite a blessed surprise; but in these tough times and in the small shack that Zulu shares with his wife, it’s not an ideal environment to raise his young, growing family.


Hot Cares will be purchasing Zulu a bigger Wendy House to ensure that him and his family have enough space to welcome their new baby home, as well as a Dischem voucher for the necessary baby products and supplies.


Hot Cares – Making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.


Helping Lindsay

Helping Lindsay

Hot Cares received a call from Charmaine. Charmaine’s daughter Lindsay, sadly lost her daughter to Angelman syndrome last November.

Following the emotional ordeal of nursing and eventually burying her daughter, Lindsay still has so many doctors accounts to pay. The stress has also filtered over to her 16-year-old son, Lerique, who’s currently in Grade 11 this year.

Charmaine explained to Hot Cares that Lindsey not only has to labour under the pain and pressure of losing her daughter, she’s also having to single-handedly raise her son Lerique and incur lawyers fees for on-going maintenance issues with Lerique’s father. Amid this financial turmoil, Lerique is in desperate need of new school shoes and uniforms and has been borrowing sports kit from friends.  Going into Matric next year, it will mean a new Matric, tie, pullover, scarf etc.

Hot Cares would like to lighten the load a little for Lindsey and help meet some of Lerique’s needs.  We have contacted the school uniform shop and have arranged for Lerique to get the uniforms, shoes and sports kit he needs now, as well as for his Matric year – to the value of R4000.

As with most teenagers, they always like to look good and hasn’t really had the opportunity to get new clothes, we’ve given Lerique a clothing voucher worth R3000.

And lastly, to help Lindsay and Lerique stay afloat, Hot Cares has included a grocery voucher valued at R2000 to ease the burden of day-to-day provision for the two of them under their current financial strain.

Hot Cares – Making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.


Liberty Radio Awards – A Hot 21 Nominations!

Liberty Radio Awards – A Hot 21 Nominations!

Liberty Radio Awards – A Hot 21 Nominations!

Wednesday, 20 March 2019 – Building on last year`s runaway success at the prestigious Liberty Radio Awards, Joburg`s hottest station, Hot 91.9FM, has scooped a staggering 21 nominations for the 2019 awards setting a record for the most nominations by any radio station in one year.

Managing Director, Lloyd Madurai, enthused, “We are humbled by these 21 Liberty Radio Award nominations.  When we launched Hot 91.9FM four years ago we set out to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us and while doing this, have some fun on the radio.  We feel like winners already as we remain number 1 in the hearts of this community and it really is our fantastic listeners who make this radio dream possible.”

The station is incredibly proud of the four nominations for Hot Cares, their on-going community initiative, which is the  main focus of the radio station.  Hot 91.9FM is a non-profit company, and it is through the generosity of the community that the station is able to continue to assist those in need.

“The spirit of Hot 91.9FM has always been to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us and together we continue to do this. We don’t do these community initiatives for the awards, however we are grateful to be acknowledged for the work we do and maybe this will also encourage other radio stations to get more involved in serving their communities,” said Madurai.

Hot 91.9FM’s has been nominated in the ‘Community Projects and Events’ category for:

  • The ‘Touching 100 Lives’ campaign in honour of what would have been Madiba’s 100th birthday in July of 2018.
  • The ‘Teddython’ in celebration of Hot’s 4th  birthday in November last year, where together with the community and advertisers, Hot 91.9FM collected over R2 Million Rand in 12 hours for its CSI arm, Hot Cares.
  • The famous and much – loved ‘Christmas Wish’ in December with Jeremy Mansfield.
  • The ‘Hot Squad’ initiative, which assists in keeping the Hot 91.9FM community safe as well as providing skills development and employment.


The Hot91.9FM Radio Training Academy

On the nomination of Bunny Majaja for ‘Best Weekend Radio Show’, Madurai added, “I am thrilled to see Bunny Majaja has been nominated in this category for her Sunday 9am – 12pm show ‘Easy Sundays with Bunny’.  Bunny is a graduate of the Hot 91.9FM Radio Training Academy and I am so proud to see how Bunny has developed into one of SA’s most professional radio stars. We will continue to see more great talent coming out of our Radio Training Academy within the next few years and they will continue to be mentored by the great DJ’s we have on air at Hot 91.9FM.”



Hot 91.9FM’s 21 Liberty Radio Awards Nominations are:



  • Simon Parkinson



  • The Big Joburg Drive



  • Jeremy Mansfield



  • Mansfield in the Morning



  • HOT 91.9 FM Touching 100 Lives
  • HOT 91.9 FM Teddython
  • HOT 91.9 FM Hot Squad



  • HOT SPORT – John Walland
  • HOT 91.9 FM MANSFIELD IN THE MORNING  – William Scott and Sam Cowen



  • HOT 91.9 FM  – The Mark Pilgrim Show
  • HOT 91.9 FM  – Lunchtime with Murrell



  • HOT 91.9 FM – Gladys Sithole
  • HOT 91.9 FM – Karabo Yibe
  • HOT 91.9 FM – Keke Matlou



  • HOT 91.9 FM – Touching 100 Lives in Honour of Madiba’s 100th Birthday
  • HOT 91.9 FM – Teddython 2018
  • HOT 91.9 FM  – Christmas Wish



  • HOT 91.9 FM



  • HOT 91.9 FM – The Mark Pilgrim Show Saturday Edition
  • HOT 91.9 FM – Easy Sunday with Bunny