Hot Cares – The Angel Network

Hot Cares – The Angel Network

Samantha Cowen together with Sasha Lee Olivier went through to the Teddy Bear Clinic in 2019 to watch how children are taught how to testify in a rape trial.

This has all been set up in a way to make the child feel safe, but also to make the child feel comfortable to tell the truth. The secondary trauma is what these children go through when they have to go through they go to the police station, telling their story and the examination.

These packs are unfortunately not readily available, and this makes the victim feel even worse. 

The Angel Foundation put together Rape Comfort Packs to give a moment of dignity to the victims of a heinous crime, and these cost R120 each, and as Sam says, it’s the cost of 3 cappuccinos.

In this podcast Sam and Jeremy chat with Monique Strydom and Penny Stein and hear how these packs impact the victims positively. 

For more information on The Angel Network go here.

Hot Cares have donated R12,000.00 towards 100 Rape Comfort Packs

Hot Cares – Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Those Around Us.

Santa’s Workshop – Giving Mother Claus What She Needs to Keep on Giving

Santa’s Workshop – Giving Mother Claus What She Needs to Keep on Giving


 Johan Wildenboer wrote into the Hot 91.9 Christmas Wish to let us know that Mother Clause lives in Shoshanguve.

His close friend, Hester Oosthuizen is a school teacher at Medicos Special School in Soshanguve for mentally disabled children with special needs. She is the school’s woodwork and music teacher and an incredibly dedicated, passionate and talented teacher. Her woodwork workshop is not just a place of learning, but something she uses to give back to the community. Together with her students the create gifts for children at the school, not any old gift, but they fid out exactly what is needed for each child and create that, Often Hester does this at her own expense. Her whole workshop at the school looks like a picture from Santa’s workshop towards the end of the year. Nothing short of a miracle, indeed a Christmas wonder.

These children are disadvantaged with special needs and most of them are from very poor backgrounds. Her aim is to make a difference in the lives of each and every child in her school. Not only through her teaching and skills transfer, but because she cares so much and loves the children unconditionally.

Her workshop at the school is not nearly properly equipped. The machines, tools and equipment are old and run down. The school has very little funds to repair, fix or buy anything new. Her workshop is a learning and training centre for these children with special needs. She teaches them how to do something practical so that they can find a job when they leave school or so they have a skill set to be self-sufficient.

Hot Cares together with gold Reef City have purchased workshop items to the value of R100,000.00.

Hester was unfortunately away and we invited Principal Constance and HOD Jappie of Medicos Special School to the Gold Reef City Hot 91.9 FM studio to receive the Wish.

Craig Gets to Give Some Christmas Cheer to His Workers

Craig Gets to Give Some Christmas Cheer to His Workers

Emma wrote into Christmas Wish to nominate her husband Craig. Craig is a hard worker who has been through a trying time and keeps on pushing through.

He runs his own small painting and waterproofing company, has a few contract workers that have been with him for years and he does his best to keep the work coming in to support their family as well as the families of the guys who work for him. This last year was a hard year and with so many similar businesses out there it is hard to keep the work coming in and Craig found a number of months and weeks with no work coming in. It meant that Emma’s salary was supporting them because any savings that Craig had put aside were eaten up by the business. He was living on borrowed money and her salary was not enough. They had borrowed money from family to tide them over but it was still incredibly difficult for them. Craig also had his contract workers not getting jobs to worry about. He gave them odds and ends work at their house just to pay them something. Even though they couldn’t afford it.

Craig could use some good news. He has also received the news that his dad who moved with his mom to England in July has found out that his cancer has come back worse than ever and is in three different places. It is not looking positive and even harder with them so far away. Some Christmas cheer around about now would be most welcome.

As such a selfless act, to ask for assistance to help others, Hot Cares will pay the R10 000 needed for the contract workers bonuses.  Flight Centre has come on board and will sponsor an airticket for Craig to go and visit his dad in England.  Hot Cares will donate R10 000 to Craig so that he has some spending money and / or cover some expenses whilst he is taking time off from work during this trip.

Shane Gets Much Needed Physio So he Can Get Back on His Feet

Shane Gets Much Needed Physio So he Can Get Back on His Feet

Ilze wrote into Christmas Wish to nominate Shane. On his way home from work on the 27th of October, he was driving when suddenly a car stopped in front of him without warning.

To avoid a collision, he swerved, but unfortunately crashed into a roadside curb. Thankfully, there were some bystanders who assisted, and they called for medical assistance. He does not have any form of medical aid or even a hospital plan, and as a result a government ambulance was called in to transfer him to a government hospital. A splint was placed in his left leg. The doctor confirmed that he had a fractured on both sides of his left ankle. Two days later he started getting a fever and this occurred every night thereafter. He was told that he needed an operation. CT scans were done on the 1st of November and results shared with Shane on the 5th. By this time his ankle and foot had swelled so much that they weren’t able to operate until the swelling had gone down. An open reduction internal fixation operation was scheduled for the 15th of November. His pain during this time has been unbearable.

Shane is a 33-year-old, hardworking man with a 12-year-old son. He does not earn a big salary and has many responsibilities. His livelihood depends on him being on his feet practically all day, every day. He’s a restaurant manager and the hours are long.


Financially he’s not in a position to afford physiotherapy.

NHC have once again agreed to help one of our recipients, and Basheer Mohammed will be providing Shayne with all the physio sessions he needs.

Hot Cares has purchased, R5000 mall voucher, R3000 grocery voucher, R2000 Dis-chem voucher to get him and his son over the next period of their lives while he heals.

Zoe and Mama Gusta Get Some Christmas Cheer

Zoe and Mama Gusta Get Some Christmas Cheer

Blu wrote into Christmas Wish to nominate a little girl named Zoe who lives with her Gogo in Kliptown. Her father passed away in October 2018 and Mama Gusta (her Gogo) uses her pensioners grant to support Zoe in every way possible.

Blu says “Mama Gusta is a wonderful and strong woman who longs for her son every single day as she witnesses Zoe living her best life every day, which is difficult when one has so little.”

Zoe’s father was a brilliant musician based in Kliptown, Soweto. He was a guitarist, Jembe and vocalist in various bands. Gregory’s priorities were steadfast, make music and perform to provide for his daughter and his Mama. Mama Gusta really does need assistance with caring for Zoe. Her schooling is important but so is taking care of her at home.

Mama Gusta is a 61 year old woman who currently has a broken fridge that she uses as a cupboard, she does all the washing by hand, and her transport costs just to get Zoe to school each month are R350. They don’t have anywhere to cook and there is no money for stationery.


The Christmas Wish team Bunny decided to brighten up Zoe’s life a little by getting her and Mama Gusta a new bed, and creating a unicorn theme all across the bedroom. We also got Zoe a pink schoolbag with a R5,000.00 for clothing and stationery. We went one step further and bought a new fridge, gas stove, washing machine and R5,000.00 grocery voucher.

This wish was made possible by an anonymous donor who had called in after Christmas Wish started and wanted to be part of what we do. Thank you for making Zoe and Mama Gusta’s Christmas a little brighter.