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Hot 91.9FM celebrate their 6th birthday by raising over R6 million!

Hot 91.9FM celebrate their 6th birthday by raising over R6 million!

Hot 91.9FM celebrate their 6th birthday by raising over R6 million!

 Tuesday, 24 November – Leading Johannesburg radio station, Hot 91.9FM, raised the bar today by racking up a staggering R6.113 million in donations for the Hot Cares initiative at their annual, 12 hour birthday Teddython fundraiser, held this year at Papachinos in Broadacres.

 “In a year in which the COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented financial strain on individuals and companies, the donations total came as a huge surprise and showed that Johannesburg is not only the City of Gold, but that Joburgers have hearts of gold,” said Lloyd Madurai, Hot 91.9 FM Managing Director. 

 Due to the financial impact of the pandemic and the lockdown, Hot Cares, a registered Public Benefit Organisation and the community initiative of Hot 91.9FM, has been overwhelmed by requests for assistance within the broader community. The need for community support has never been greater and Hot Cares is constantly receiving requests for assistance. Hot 91.9 FM has always put the community at the centre of the station’s activities and is overjoyed at the ability to be able to fulfil an increasing number of requests for assistance. 

 “All of our partners, listeners and friends, have blown us away this year with their generosity,” says Madurai. “We are humbled at how you opened your hearts and pockets in these extremely tough economic times to help change lives. Perhaps more than ever we see how humanity prevails and we are re-committed to effect positive change. Hot 91.9FM would like to say a heartfelt, sincere and resounding thank you! You have made the Hot 91.9FM Birthday wish come true”.


Get ready for the Hot 91.9FM Teddython 2020

Get ready for the Hot 91.9FM Teddython 2020

Get ready for the Hot 91.9FM Teddython 2020

Monday, 2 November 2020


Hot 91.9FM’s Teddython is back on Friday, 20 November 2020 and we are delighted to announce our new venue Papachinos, Broadacres in Fourways. The Hot 91.9FM team will be broadcasting live from Papachinos from 06h00 – 18h30, and we invite our listeners to pop in, donate and make a meaningful difference to the lives of those around us. All Covid-19 protocols in place.

Many challenges we faced in 2020 have been unprecedented and it’s no surprise that Hot Cares, the community initiative of Hot 91.9FM, has been overwhelmed by the desperation within our community.  Hot 91.9FM is dedicated to making our biggest priority to touch as many lives as possible through community outreach. In the past we have awarded bursaries at all levels of education, assisted those in need of medical attention and helped victims of unforeseen, life-changing circumstances and now more than ever, we need to assist as many families and shelters who have had to face their biggest challenges and financial blows. In order to continue doing this, we need to raise vital funds through initiatives like our Hot Cares Teddython.

You can donate on the day, visit our website and donate online or come through to Papachinos and donate in person (snapscan and credit card facilities available).

Hot Cares NPC is a registered PBO and is able to issue a Section 18A Certificate and a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor Affidavit.

The Mansfield in the Morning team, Mark Pilgrim, Bunny Majaja and Tony Murrell, before welcoming The Big Joburg Drive to end the celebration. Join us throughout the day where we will be sharing the stage with fantastic performances by, Pedro Barbosa, Daniel Baron, Cappuccino, Brent Harris & Thee Jam and Dr Victor.

You are invited to make your donation and join the Hot 91.9FM team at the 2020 Teddython! Be a part of our community initiative.

The Call of the Cats- Help Needed

The Call of the Cats- Help Needed

Recently, Carolyn Austin got in touch with Hot Cares to share her story about a group of individuals who want to give back and make a small difference in the world we live in.  These volunteers work with and behind organizations like CLAW and Harties Feral Cat Rescue, by assisting with sterilisation of adult cats and kittens as well as taming, fostering, and homing kittens that are rescued.

They have also been able to set up and manage feeding stations at a few established feral colonies in local areas. And their goal is to establish healthy stable feral colonies.

The team recently stumbled into a squatter camp located in Sandton when they were looking for a lost teenage cat and found a number of families living in desperate circumstances with no ablution facilities and nowhere to dispose of their general waste.  Unfortunately, this has attracted rats to the area, which in turn attracts abandoned and lost cats struggling to survive.  Most of these cats are injured, ill and unsterilised – the feral cat population is out of control.  With the squatter camp being located on the busy street of Main Road, kittens and lactating feral moms are also being run over.

The team are welcomed by the residents, as they wish for assistance and for the feral cats to be sterilized. The volunteers have generously assisted the residents with food parcels and cat food We gave them some food and provided cat food for their pets.

The goal is to help this community establish a healthy colony of cats and together with the residents, the team hopes to achieve this.

 The volunteers need assistance with the following. If you are able to support them, please contact Hot Cares at

Find good homes for the 30 kittens they have rescued:

  • Adopters willing to give these babies their forever homes

Find Fosters to take in any additional litters they will rescue:

  • Foster homes willing to take in kittens or litters (with cat moms).

Continue feeding the feral colony:

  • Volunteers to help with feeding the Main Rd feral colony on a regular basis

Cat food donations – feeding a large colony requires a lot of food.

Sterilise all adult cats in the colony – continue with a TNR programme:

  • Financial donations to assist with vet bills – sterilisations, vaccinations, deworming and any medication required for sick or injured cats/kittens.

Assistance from experienced trappers

In addition, the team would also like to address health risks. The needs are:

  • To remove rubbish and have a means for the residents to dispose of their waste:
  • Sponsored skips to be placed near the squatter camp for the residents to dump their rubbish in and regularly be removed and replaced with empty skips.
  • Incentivise a group to collect and remove the current rubbish dumps on the property.

Ablution facilities for the residents to use:

  • Sponsored Porto Loos that are emptied/replaced on a regular basis.


Beloved soccer coach, Elvis Moyo

Beloved soccer coach, Elvis Moyo

Hazel got in touch with Hot Cares regarding Elvis Moyo, a soccer coach at a local club, Randburg AFC. Elvis has been struggling to keep “his head above water” during the past 6 months of lockdown and because the soccer club has been closed since March, Elvis has not been able to earn an income.

Unfortunately, it is not clear when the soccer club will be able to resume training and matches that they enjoyed prior to lockdown.

Even in adversity, Elvis has a smile on his face and tries to remain positive- even though he is extremely worried about providing for his family.

Hot Cares has committed to assisting Elvis in paying his rent and have provided a month’s supply of groceries

Hot Cares – Making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.

Felicity’s Road To Recovery

Felicity’s Road To Recovery

Having been self-employed for over 20 years, within the Travel and Recruitment industries, Felicity Pollock reached out to Hot Cares to share her story.

In August 2016 she was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer. This affected her personal life, career and Felicity is still on the road to recovery. She has faced many personal and financial hardships and Hot Cares was pleased to assist Felicity with a donation to help her through this difficult time.