ProfitShare Partners and FirstRand’s Vumela Fund Aid SMEs in Fight Against Covid-19, Supporting Supply of Essential Items

ProfitShare Partners and FirstRand’s Vumela Fund Aid SMEs in Fight Against Covid-19, Supporting Supply of Essential Items

Hot 91.9FM is delighted to share that one of our key clients ProfitShare Partners and the Vumela Fund has announced that they have secured an additional R25 million funding line to assist SME’s to supply and deliver essentials during Covid-19. Hot 91.9FM is proud to partner with these businesses to support the South African SME Business.

The FinTech disruptor has secured an additional R25 million funding line from Edge Growth-managed Vumela Fund recently to help SMEs supply and deliver essentials in the fight against Covid-19.
ProfitShare Partners has secured an additional R25 million funding line from FirstRand’s Vumela Fund to support SMEs in need of capital to supply essentials to combat the spread of Covid-19. Since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, ProfitShare Partners has partnered with a few SMEs to supply essential items, including the local manufacturing of hand sanitisers, face masks, other health personal protective equipment and pharmaceutical medical supplies such as Vitamin C and D, as well as Zinc tablets. These essentials were supplied to both the public health and private health sectors.

The additional R25 million funding line from the Vumela Fund will enable the fintech disruptor to take this drive one step further and partner with more SMEs who are in the business of supplying essentials such as ventilators and filters, nebulisers and nebulising agents, hospital beds, oxygen, medical protective wear and bulk supplies of disinfectants and sanitisers, amongst others.

“We’ve prioritised these unusual deals in support of the fight against Coronavirus. A sufficient supply of these essentials for medical workers and our people will be important in the coming weeks, which is why we want to help support and provide capital to local SMEs who are working tirelessly to meet the demands to produce these essential items during this period,” says Andrew Maren, CEO and founder of ProfitShare Partners.

The Vumela Fund is managed by Edge Growth and currently has a mandate to support high-growth small businesses in supply chains that have both economic and impact returns.

“Whilst FNB is already providing assistance and support to businesses on multiple fronts during this crisis, the Vumela Fund enables the Bank to provide further support to early stage SMEs that would not otherwise qualify for traditional lending products. Vumela’s partnership with ProfitShare Partners has already benefitted several SMEs and we are pleased to be able to extend this to providers of essential items,” says Mike Sage, FNB’s Co-Head Structured Finance Solutions and Vumela Fund Trustee.

“In this time of crisis due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Edge is grateful to be in a position to support SMEs through its partnership with ProfitShare Partners. Edge will also be collaborating with FNB and Vumela to provide a COVID-19 Leadership Toolkit, which will be a freely available end-to-end field guide for founders and their teams to lead through this crisis,” says Richard Rose.

The increase in demand for essentials to combat the spread of Covid-19 and to support medical healthcare facilities and services has grown tremendously over the past month. To help SMEs respond effectively to this demand, ProfitShare Partners will provide the capital to qualifying small businesses who are providing essential supplies to the public and private sectors. They are especially interested in SMEs operating in the industry who will be sustainable and have longevity after the Covid-19 crisis is over.

“We want to show solidarity in combatting the fight against Coronavirus. Our drive is to make it possible for SMEs to deliver successfully during this period. As a short-term capital partner to small business owners, we will also provide the professional expertise and guidance to help them deliver optimally and avoid the common pitfalls that may slow delivery,” added Maren.

Assisting the elderly of Reuven Old Age Home

Assisting the elderly of Reuven Old Age Home

Hot Cares received a request from one of our listeners, Tammy, who under normal circumstances joins a group of volunteers on a monthly basis to cook for the elderly at Reuven Old Age Home.

They are one of the many groups of people and charity organisations that ensure that the 250 residents are taken care of, have food to eat and that the facilities are cleaned and well kept.
The residents receive government social grants, which is used to pay for their accommodation and utilities. However, for all their other needs they rely on community support.

During lockdown, volunteers are unable to cook for, deliver food and visit the elderly. Hot Cares was happy to contribute towards the 200 food parcels that were delivered to the home- ensuring that the caregivers and residents are taken care of.

A big thank you to Tammy and her friends for giving us the opportunity to assist, and for all they do for the elderly residents throughout the year.


Adcock Ingram OTC’s Sponsors of Brave partners with Hot 91.9FM to bring South Africa hope

Adcock Ingram OTC’s Sponsors of Brave partners with Hot 91.9FM to bring South Africa hope

Johannesburg – Adcock Ingram OTC, Sponsors of Brave have partnered with Hot 91.9FM’s Mansfield in the Morning show to bring South Africa hope during these immensely stressful times.

South Africa is currently overwhelmed and facing immense stress and trauma due to the continued spread of the Covid-19, and the Mansfield in the Morning show will be playing South African songs with a message of hope every weekday at 09:20 commencing on Monday, 20 April 2020.

To kick off this campaign, Jeremy Mansfield, interviewed David Scott, the founder of the Kiffness, a well-known South African band, to play and discuss the song he has released in association with Adcock Ingram OTC’s Sponsors of Brave campaign, dedicated to supporting doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals fighting Covid-19. ’May the Road Rise Up to Meet You,’ is an old Irish blessing often used as a prayer that has travelled throughout the centuries to protect people on their challenging journeys.

The song, originally in English, now includes isiZulu and Afrikaans verses. David says; ’I wanted to add isiZulu and Afrikaans to the song to bring it home for our healthcare workers. David wanted to create something that was completely heartfelt and sincerely hopes that any healthcare professional who listens to the song or sees the video will feel encouraged. 

The Sponsors of Brave campaign celebrates and shares the stories of pharmacists, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who have gone above and beyond their day-to-day call of duty. These incredible people have never been more important. The time is opportune to acknowledge these heroes, and this song is a wonderful and melodious way to do so. Adcock Ingram OTC is creating a platform for all South Africans to express their admiration for our beloved Country by recognising and celebrating fellow BRAVE SOUTH AFRICANS in the healthcare profession.

HOT 91.9 FM partners up with Jacksons Real Food Markets to support over 1000 Jobs

HOT 91.9 FM partners up with Jacksons Real Food Markets to support over 1000 Jobs

Jacksons Real Food Market is a small family run business, showcasing local farmers and producers. Hot 91.9FM has partnered with them to give this local business the exposure they need in order to inform the public that they are open, they sell nutrient-dense food and that in supporting them, you are supporting local small and emerging farmers and keeping over 1000 South Africans in their jobs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to South Africa. Informal markets are no longer an avenue for local farmers to sell at and Jacksons pride themselves in sourcing organically grown fruit and vegetables, and in turn, are giving these local, small and emerging farmers the much needed support to keep them in business during this pandemic.

Jacksons support over 9 disadvantaged communities weekly and are running a Superhero fund for all the team members who work the frontlines in their stores. Customers are free to match Jacksons contribution to this fund.

Jacksons are also pleading for South Africa to focus on nutrient-dense foods and use this time to educate themselves about real foods. The immune system must be as strong and healthy as possible in fighting this pandemic.

The Jacksons Real Food Market stores go beyond all the required health and safety regulations but to give you more peace of mind in your shopping experience, they have also introduced a Personal Shopper System. The personal shopper system allows for you to order on Whatsapp and on collection a Jacksons employee will bring your shopping to you. Jacksons also allow you to shop online and have your groceries delivered to you if you reside in the Johannesburg North area.

Please go to http://jacksonsrealfoodmarket.co.za for more information.

Hot Cares Covid 19 assistance in conjunction with ‘A Little Realeaf’- Jackson’s Foundation

Hot Cares Covid 19 assistance in conjunction with ‘A Little Realeaf’- Jackson’s Foundation

Jacksons Real Food Market in Bryanston and Kyalami started the Jacksons Foundation a few years ago and regularly support families and people in need. With the current Covod-19 lockdown restaurants are unable to operate, yet the need to feed those in need has become greater than ever before.

Hot 91.9FM contacted Gary Jackson to see how we could assist his business during this time, and in turn, he told us about this project, A Little Realeaf.

Gary has opened his Kyalami restaurant – with permission and permits- to assist during the lockdown. The Jackson Foundation has contributed R30 000 for the initial funding to start cooking for those less fortunate. Gary and his team have been cooking and packing delicious meals, together with other organisations, such as Hot Cares, have been distributing these meals to various locations in and around our area.

For listeners who would like to help, please donate directly to the Jackson Foundation with the reference: ‘A little realeaf’. For as little as R20, you can donate a meal to a person in need.
Their restaurants are also being used as collection points for dry goods which are then distributed to the homeless who have not been accommodated for in a shelter. A list of items has been posted on their Facebook page should you wish to contribute.

Hot Cares has collected about 700 of these meals and distributed between Diepsloot, Clay Oven Community and the homeless by the river in Bryanston. The response to these donations from the recipients has been heartwarming. From being speechless to comments such as “Food with real meat!”- the less fortunate have been extremely grateful to those involved in supplying these meals.

For any queries, or should you wish to get involved, please email hotcares@hot919.co.za or go to the Jacksons website, www.jacksonsrealfoodmarket.co.za/, or their Facebook page.