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Imagine sending your child to school, without a pen or a pencil… It’s hard to imagine, but that is the reality for many learners in our community – lacking the basic stationery they need for their school day. Hot 91.9 and BIC Stationery want to change this. We will again donate a hundred thousand pens and pencils to under-resourced schools in Joburg. Help Hot 91.9 and BIC equip our children with the tools to power their potential to be more.

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Nominate a school from our Hotlist to receive the much-needed stationery.

Megatong Primary School
Megatong Primary School, situated in the Mapetla Extension of Soweto, is a public primary school with nine teachers and a principle serving 251 learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Inkwenkwezi Primary School
Inkwenkwezi Primary School is a state primary school located in Diepkloof, Soweto serving the children from Motswaledi Squatter camp. The school is headed up by a dedicated principle who has done his best to improve the learning conditions for the pupils.

Johannesburg School for Autism
Located in the CMI in Braamfontein, the school offers specialised educational services to learners with a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The school works with therapists to develop learners through play, obstacle courses and fine motor activities.

Mokgome Secondary School
Mokgome Secondary School is a state secondary school located in Zone 7, Meadowlands.

The school educates learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12, and is known for participating in sport and producing talented learners.

Ditau Primary School
Ditau Primary School is a state primary school located in Orlando East. The school has been in existence for over three decades and has produced exceptional learners.

Lethabo Primary School
Lethabo Primary School at Naledi, Soweto is a state primary school. The school teaches Grade R to Grade 7 with a group of dedicated teachers working to improve the learning conditions for the pupils.

Khuthala Primary School
Khuthula Primary School is situated in Protea North, and offers education for the children from the Protea South informal settlement. Many of the learners live in shacks, rely on feeding schemes and most parents are unemployed.

Piet van Vuuren School
The primary school is located in Brixton and teaches Grades R to 7. The school cares deeply for their pupils and is dedicated to improving the lives of its learners. It’s child-centred education is inspired by the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Kingsway Christian School
Over the past 30 Years, the Kingsway Christian School has provided education to children of the Zandspruit Informal Settlement. The school’s motto of “rise up and shine” embodies this school and it’s children. The school pursues a standard of excellence to ensure their children have a bright future.

Masakhane Tswekioeke Primary
The Masakhane Tswekioeke Primary is serves the community of Zandspruit Informal Settlement. Most of the pupils’ parents are either unemployed or earn very little and the school provides stability, an education and hope.