HOT 91.9 FM partners up with Jacksons Real Food Markets to support over 1000 Jobs

HOT 91.9 FM partners up with Jacksons Real Food Markets to support over 1000 Jobs

Jacksons Real Food Market is a small family run business, showcasing local farmers and producers. Hot 91.9FM has partnered with them to give this local business the exposure they need in order to inform the public that they are open, they sell nutrient-dense food and that in supporting them, you are supporting local small and emerging farmers and keeping over 1000 South Africans in their jobs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to South Africa. Informal markets are no longer an avenue for local farmers to sell at and Jacksons pride themselves in sourcing organically grown fruit and vegetables, and in turn, are giving these local, small and emerging farmers the much needed support to keep them in business during this pandemic.

Jacksons support over 9 disadvantaged communities weekly and are running a Superhero fund for all the team members who work the frontlines in their stores. Customers are free to match Jacksons contribution to this fund.

Jacksons are also pleading for South Africa to focus on nutrient-dense foods and use this time to educate themselves about real foods. The immune system must be as strong and healthy as possible in fighting this pandemic.

The Jacksons Real Food Market stores go beyond all the required health and safety regulations but to give you more peace of mind in your shopping experience, they have also introduced a Personal Shopper System. The personal shopper system allows for you to order on Whatsapp and on collection a Jacksons employee will bring your shopping to you. Jacksons also allow you to shop online and have your groceries delivered to you if you reside in the Johannesburg North area.

Please go to http://jacksonsrealfoodmarket.co.za for more information.

Hot 91.9FM scoops Station of the Year for the 4th year in a row!

Hot 91.9FM scoops Station of the Year for the 4th year in a row!

For the fourth year in a row Joburg`s hottest station Hot 91.9FM, has scooped the prestigious STATION OF THE YEAR award at the 2020 South African Radio Awards on Friday, 17 April. This is a landmark achievement considering the station has won this award every year since 2015.

Added to this, Hot 91.9FM won another eight awards including the MY STATION accolade which is given to the radio station with the most loyal listeners. The litmus test for any radio station is its appeal to its audience. Station loyalty is of paramount importance to a radio station and is perhaps the most important aspect of broadcasting.

A ship is only as good as it’s captain, and Lloyd Madurai, Managing Director of Hot 91.9fm has steered the station from inception in 2014 to the multiple award-winning business it is today. His vision for making a meaningful difference in the community has paid dividends . He firmly believes that ‘the future for Hot 91.9fm is so hot, you are going to have to wear shades’!

Hot 91.9FM’s flagship show Mansfield in the Morning, once again proved to be Joburg’s most popular breakfast show picking up both Best Presenter and Best Breakfast Show awards.

Reacting to the impressive array of awards Hot 91.9FM Managing Director, Lloyd Madurai, said, “What brings us to the finishing line every year, is Hot’s total commitment to our audience and community. It is our combination of world-class entertainment and social engagement which is a testament to our station’s passion for radio and our core values. We are blessed to have some of the greatest radio talent in our country, some of whom are graduates of our landmark Radio Academy”.

Hot 91.9FM won awards in the following categories:

Station of the Year (Community)
For the 4th year running, Hot 91.9FM bagged the highly-coveted Station of the Year title in the Community Radio category. This award bears testimony to all that Hot has achieved throughout the year – from its various community engagement projects aimed at making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us to the line-up of shows and, of course, the great music it plays every single day.

My Station – Most Loyal Listeners
The My Station Award recognises the listeners choice and we are proud to be this year’s recipient which underscores our core value of ‘listeners first’.
Breakfast Show Presenter – Jeremy Mansfield
During his 20 odd years in breakfast radio, Jeremy Mansfield embodies the adage “the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” As the flagship presenter of the radio station, Jeremy sets the tone and style for the rest of the day’s broadcasting effortlessly. His wit, charm, easy confidence and verve, as well as his infectious laugh and larger-than-life approach to radio have seen him become one of Johannesburg’s favourite sons. After an 8 – year hiatus, Mansfield came out of retirement in November 2018 as the new host of the Hot 91.9 FM morning show. His gravitas and impact were instrumental at the Hot 91.9 FM Teddython 2019 which raised over R3.8 million in 12 hours. The return of his much-loved Christmas Wish has seen countless lives impacted through the incredible heart he has for people, a core principle at Hot 91.9 FM. His partnership with Sam Cowen and the rest of the team has resulted in a morning show that oozes ‘listenability’ and originality, that has created an incredible connection with his listeners. He is, quite simply, one of the best to have ever graced the South African radio airwaves.

Breakfast Show-Mansfield in the Morning
Mansfield in the Morning is everything a breakfast show should be: funny, edgy and informative. Capturing the energy and essence of its target market, both geographically and demographically, Mansfield in the Morning, through the enduring partnership of Jeremy Mansfield and Sam Cowen, boasts content and presentation that is original, creative, exciting and enticing. With award-winning production from William Scott, Mansfield in the Morning stands out for its engaging and relatable content. Throw in award-winning sports journalist stalwart John Walland and Stephen Kirker on the news desk, and Mansfield in the Morning emerges as a formidable outfit at ease on air, producing a product that is head and shoulders above their competitors while delivering real value for advertisers. The show has all the right ingredients including a large CSI component, consistent with Hot 91.9 FM’s mandate as a community station making a tangible difference in its footprint.

Content Producer-Sam Cowen & William Scott – Mansfield In the Morning
Mansfield in the Morning is so much more than just a get up and go show; it’s the inimitable chemistry between Jeremy Mansfield and Sam Cowen, who is pivotal to the content creation on the show. With 25 years of radio under her belt, Sam’s quick wit, quicker tongue and delightful humour add the distinctive sparkle that yields engaged listeners, relatable content and the ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the winning formula that is Mansfield in the Morning. Coupled with the peerless talent of content co-producer Will Scott, the flagship show on Hot 91.9 FM demonstrates the adage ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ perfectly.

News Bulletin Reader- Nobuhle Nkhoma
With over a decade of experience, Nobuhle Nkhoma is a journalist with the coveted ability of writing balanced, informative and engaging stories. Having worked in several newsrooms including at Kaya FM, eNCA, ANN7 and Channels Television Nigeria, Nobuhle is a multi-skilled individual with writing, editing and investigative reporting experience.
Having received an SABC News Award for Best Student Journalist in Current Affairs in 2008, Nobuhle has become an invaluable addition to the Hot 91.9 FM News Desk.

Promotions Stunt Event – The Hot 91.9FM Hot Cares Teddython 2019
Teddython embodies the spirit in which the radio station was conceived; fun, family and community. It is through Hot Cares that we’ve awarded bursaries at all levels of education, assisted those in need of medical attention and helped victims of unforeseen, life-changing circumstances.
Taking place as it has for three years now at the Sandton City Centre Court, the goal for Hot91.9FM Teddython 2019 was to raise R2 million to continue the great work we so love to do within our community.What began as the mammoth task of raising R 2 million turned into the extraordinary, breath-taking feat of smashing through the R3 million barrier! And almost touching the ceiling of R4 million. Tears of joy and relief flowed freely not only at Sandton City but in cars, homes and offices around Johannesburg as we took a final tally; R 3.9 million raised to continue to change lives in our community.

Sports Show – Hot Sport 18h30 – 19h00
The award-winning Hot Sport on Hot91.9FM is a show presented by the highly experienced and well-loved John Walland. Featuring two topical one-on-one interviews of sporting individuals and previews and reviews on major sporting events by way of post-match analysis, Hot Sport truly stands out above the rest; this can be attributed to John Walland’s 35 years of experience. Drawing from his rather large little black book of big name sporting personalities to produce Hot Sport, this daily show (Monday to Thursday) is a 30 minutes blitz of the day’s sports as well as developing stories in the local and international sporting world. John’s ability to strike the iron while it’s hot, delivers relevant content and makes for compelling listening and a superbly curated and well-produced show; demonstrating his enthusiasm and passion for sport broadcasting.

Weekend Radio Show –The Classic Countdown with Kevin Savage – Sat 12h00 – 15h00

Easy like a Sunday morning is not just a fantastic song by Lionel Richie, it’s also how we like to keep things on Hot91.9FM. Between nine and noon let radio legend Kevin Savage’s rich vocal tone and laid-back delivery ease you into the day and prep you for an even easier afternoon. Expect for your favourite tunes, easy listening and the Sunday Q&A to keep the old grey matter from stewing. Catch up on the weeks’ entertainment news, from the bizarre to the banal, get the low-down on the highlights of the week, and relax to the best of Joburg’s Old Skool and R&B.

Greensky Brand Architects transforms business to develop Health Care Products

Greensky Brand Architects transforms business to develop Health Care Products

As South Africa and the rest of the world found itself impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Greensky Brand Architects realized the danger in the scarcity of critical health care products and medical protection in South Africa. With the necessary essential machinery in place which is required to assist South Africa’s medical sector, Greensky Brand Architects transformed their business with the creation of Greensky Health Care Products, to play their part in the fight against COVID-19. Greensky’s founder and CEO Hennie Lamprecht decided to act before it was too late and develop products to protect health care workers and essential service providers.

In a short space of time Greensky has developed a comprehensive range of health care products, from aerosol protective intubation chambers which protect healthcare workers whilst they perform lifesaving duties , to COVID-19 face guards to protect the public and business employees from aerosol droplet contamination. In addition to this timely endeavour, Greensky is donating one unit to the public health facilities for every 10 units produced.
Greensky Health Care Products are made of only the best high-quality materials to ensure ultimate protection and security.

Hot 91.9FM is working with, and assisting, many SME’s fighting COVID-19 by promoting their services and products on-air. Managing Director Lloyd Madurai opines, “ Greensky`s sterling work in transforming their services to aid in this critical battle is another example of South Africans banding together for the common good. This is the cornerstone of Hot 91.9FM`s `community first` philosophy` and we fully support Greensky`s efforts”.

Email info@greensky.co.za or go to www.greensky.co.za for more information.

HOT 91.9FM launches “Hot In The City”

HOT 91.9FM launches “Hot In The City”

Once again Hot 91.9FM, Joburg’s best old skool and R&B radio station, is keeping listeners inspired and entertained! This week the crazy bunch launched “Hot In The City” which gives our listeners the license to` lockdown their groove` every weekday with the Mansfield in the Morning team and the Big Joburg Drive with Simon Parkinson.

Every day, the Mansfield in the Morning team will announce the “Hot In The City” Song of the Day which will be played out at 08h20. Listeners will be given creative license to be a star in their kitchen, their bathroom, their living room and be their own popstar!
Hot 91.9FM will do what they do best, play the best songs, and give you the platform to sing-a-long and be a star! You can do it straight or be as silly as you like – the idea is to participate in having fun!
Listeners can then send the voice note or video clip to Hot 91.9FM on the WhatsApp line @ 084 2212 919

Hot 91.9FM is all about Total Entertainment, packaging the power of contemporary radio with an uplifting community spirit and a powerful messaging platform. Faced with one of the biggest challenges that mankind has ever experienced we join our listeners and the global community at large, via our digital footprint, in celebrating life, maintaining a positive spirit and having fun!

WhatsApp your video or voice note to @ 084 2212 919 and let us make you famous.

Hot 91.9FM is still bringing you the Best in Old Skool Music and R&B

Hot 91.9FM is still bringing you the Best in Old Skool Music and R&B

Joburg’s hottest station, Hot 91.9FM, today announced a provisional line-up change during the 21 day lock down period as legislated by the government , and assured listeners that the station will be “always on”, 24 hours a day, to lift audience spirits throughout this difficult period in our nation`s history.

The award-winning Mansfield in the Morning Team will now broadcast live from 07h00 – 10h00 from their sanitized studio. Jeremy, Sam and the rest of the gang will bring you the latest news and programming, fun and games and Hot`s unique mix of memory making music to get you into your day to day activities.

Mark Pilgrim will broadcast live from 10h00 – 13h00 from the luxury of his home and will continue to bring you his Baldie magic. Thereafter the effervescent Bunny Majaja will broadcast until 3pm, when the Big Joburg Drive, takes over live from the 2nd Hot 91.9FM  studio.

The music continues 24/7 and for those listeners who love the classic hits, Lloyd Madurai will continue to be live on air playing your favourite “Club Classics”.

Lloyd adds, “Hot 91.9FM is here for our community and will continue to entertain our listeners throughout this uncertain period. In addition, we will have an open line of communication for anyone who needs questions answered, require updates or would like to talk to someone through our various channels, we will provide this essential service to our listeners and broader community”.

SMS 44919 (R1.50) or WhatsApp 084 221 2919 – Hot 91.9FM – we are here for you!

Brat Pack with a Big Band – New Show Dates Announced

Brat Pack with a Big Band – New Show Dates Announced


  • 19th & 20th June @ Teatro, Montecasino
  • Ard Matthews, Arno Carstens, Loyiso Bala & Ross Learmonth singing timeless classics in collaboration with Johannesburg Big Band
  • Tickets available via Computicket

Following the earlier postponement of the much-anticipated A Brat Pack with A Big Band, Real Concerts and Hot 91.9 FM have confirmed that the show will now take place on the 19th and 20th of June at the Teatro at Montecasino.

Patrons who are already in possession of their tickets must retain them as Computicket will do a swap out of the tickets closer to the time of the new date. Patrons who have booked online but not collected their tickets, their tickets will reflect the new date when they collect them. Please note that Tickets purchased for Friday 27th March will be transferred to Friday 19th June; and tickets purchased for Saturday 28th March will be transferred to Saturday 20th June (the same seats will apply).

Patrons who are unable to attend on the new dates, will be refunded.

For any ticketing enquiries you may email info@computicket.com

Joburg fell in love with the idea of these top performers sharing a stage together with a big band and so, we have chosen to push the live show date out to June.  Our number 1 priority is to ensure the well-being of our patrons, the performers and our staff and we will continue to monitor the situation,” comments Real Concerts owner, Roddy Quin.

A Brat Pack with a Big Band is a musical journey that will see Ard Matthews, Arno Carstens, Loyiso Bala and Ross Learmonth – all of which have hailed from some of South Africa’s biggest acts – performing timeless classics together with the 17-piece Johannesburg Big Band, conducted by Adam Howard.

The original ‘Rat Pack’, which included icons such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr, created the most memorable music of our time and the “Brat Pack” will re-create the good old days of music and entertainment with songs including New York, New York, I’ve Gotta Be Me, Mack the Knife, Mr Bojangles, My Way and more.

Tickets start from R325 and are available through Computicket online and retail outlets.  Ticket URL: http://bit.ly/2RX1ddA.  The show is family-friendly, but as per theatre house rules, no under 3’s permitted.  The show commences at 20h00 at the Teatro at Montecasino.


Venue:  Teatro, Montecasino (Fourways, Johannesburg)
Date:   19th & 20th June
Time:    20h00 (doors open at 19h00)


About the performers:

South African rocker, Ard Matthews has been the frontman of Just Jinjer since the early 90’s.  While the band is still active, Ard launched a successful solo career in 2012.  Having grown up listening to the likes of Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley, Ard was inspired to enter a talent competition at the age of 12 and in 1996 he start Just Jinjer with fellow musicians, Brent Harris and Denholm Harding.


Arno Carstens is a platinum-selling, award-winning singer/songwriter and guitarist.  As the lead singer of The Springbok Nude Girls and subsequently as a solo artist (with recordings in both English and Afrikaans), Arno has released multiple albums and spawned a string of successful singles and received numerous awards during his career.


As a teenager, Loyiso Bala, was trained at the prestigious Drakensberg Boys Choir.  After an overwhelming success with kwaito act, TKZee in 2000, Loyiso started a solo career in 2001 and he solidified his reputation as South Africa’s king of R&B and he has won multiple awards and performed around the world.


After nearly two decades of touring and recording as the frontman for hit rock band, Prime Circle, Ross Learmonth, recently ventured out on his own solo career.  Since the band’s debut in 2002, Prime Circle has been one of the most celebrated rock acts in SA history and they have toured extensively around the globe and celebrated numerous awards and chart-topping hits.


The Johannesburg Big Band, run by musical director, Adam Howard, is a collection of the finest jazz and session musicians in South Africa.  The troupe has a repertoire of over 800 of the most celebrated big band chart songs.