Hot 91.9 FM announces launch of “Beyond The Curve” - Hot 91.9

Hot 91.9 FM announced today the launch of “Beyond The Curve” in conjunction with Media Rocket, NSBC, and Everlytic. “Beyond The Curve” is a movement inspired by the incredible resilience of South Africa’s people and created to connect South African business and restart the economy. The movement aims to connect businesses that are in a position to help, with businesses in need of help during the South African National Lockdown and the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

South Africans have amazing resilience in the face of adversity, and this time will be no different. “Beyond The Curve” is aimed at ensuring that there are functioning businesses to come back to once we have gotten through this period together.

“Beyond the Curve” is a pioneering movement that offers South African businesses free support, tools, and resources. The “Beyond the Curve” website also offers a platform to browse resource articles, webinars, and podcasts that discuss topics and provide tools for businesses to take the initiative and do their part to help business recovery in South Africa. The website also suggests free courses that the public can use to upskill themselves. These courses include Google Analytics, programming, game development, and app development for you to use this time effectively to develop skills for either your current job or your “side hustle” so that you can beat the curve.

Hot 91.9FM believes that South Africa is stronger when we stand together and are incredibly proud to be a partner with “Beyond the Curve” .

If your business is in a position to help another business with a discounted or free service, or if your business needs help, register on to join the movement or to find free business tools and resources to help you keep your business going.