Hot 91.9FM announces their support for The Portuguese Forum of South Social Solidarity Food Drive - Hot 91.9

Hot 91.9FM and the Portuguese Forum of South Africa have partnered to present the Social Solidarity Food Drive which will take place on Sunday, 6 September 2020 at a secure venue where communities and established charity groups can set up a marquee to receive donations.

In addition, procession trucks loaded with pallets of donated food from local farmers and companies will attend the Social Solidarity Food Drive before delivering their donated items to the nominated food banks.

The aim of the Social Solidarity Food Drive is to bring as many compassionate resources from the cultural community groups, corporate brands, farmers, charity groups and the public together in one place, in a show of force for good.

The drive-through is designed to help those in need, Ferreirinha says, “but also to highlight the many, often unrewarded South Africans who do amazing work to help. They are what makes South Africa great.

Save the date now and join in this moving tribute to community and the importance of the outstretched hand at the corner of Atlas Road and Silver Wings Boulevard, Parkhaven, Kempton Park on Sunday 6 September 2020 at 09h00.


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