Jennifer Gets Double Eye Surgery - Hot 91.9

Paul wrote into Hot 91.9 FM on behalf of his mother Jennifer.

She is 58 years old and woke up one morning, battling to see, thought nothing of it, hoping it would go away. But her vision did not improve so she then went to see Dr Johan de Lange, and he did some tests. The tests revealed that she had cataracts on her eyes and that the retina was tearing away from the back of the eye. In addition to all this, he discovered bleeding behind her one eye. Paul’s mother needed to have an emergency procedure done.

Paul went to the bank and took a loan of R50,000.00 so that she could get the help she needed. His mother was unemployed and did not have a medical aid, so he did what he could to help.

Jennifer went for follow up checks and injections into the eyes, to try stop the bleeding. The Dr informed her that the treatment was not working, and that she needed to undergo a surgical procedure where they will remove the eye from the socket and re-attach the retina and stop the bleeding. Paul was unable to take another loan from the bank, as the first loan had put him under financial strain. In the meantime, his sister started funding campaign in the hope of raising the R120,000.00 needed for the procedures. R22,395.00 has been raised to date.


The concern is that Jennifer has recently found permanent employment, at a dentist. She is a qualified dental nurse and relies on her vision to be able to do her work, her employer is aware of her situation. The family need to assist her with having her procedure done, so that her vision can be restored, and she can continue to work. The longer she waits to have the procedure done, the less likely the chance of success.

An anonymous donor has kindly sponsored the cost of the surgery totalling an amount of R120,140.00. The anonymous donor would also like to pay his loan of R50,000.00 for the expenses he has already paid towards his moms first emergency surgery.