In 2018, Hot 91.9FM and Lanseria International Airport entered into a strategic alliance to both compliment and enhance each other’s offerings.

“The relationship with Lanseria International Airport a vital one given that Lanseria is just 15km from, and serves the same market as Hot 91.9FM,” says Hot 91.9FM Managing Director, Lloyd Madurai.  “The airport is also growing and expanding at an incredibly fast rate just like Hot 91.9FM.’

Our latest advertising campaign wanted to inform people about Hot 91.9FM’s presence in Johannesburg, as well as educate them on Hot’s unrivalled DJ line up. It did this through a fun, quirky aviation-themed photo shoot.

Apart from the cool images, the lines used on the billboards play into Hot 91.9FM’s presence at Lanseria whilst also communicating essential must – knows like Hot’s multiple awards and fantastic playlist.

The station’s ‘old skool’ theme is prevalent throughout the airport. From billboards to fun, retro arcade games taking pride of place in the departures lounge entertaining travellers 24/7 before their flights. There is no doubt that Lanseria International Airport is 100% Hot!