Shane Gets Much Needed Physio So he Can Get Back on His Feet - Hot 91.9

Ilze wrote into Christmas Wish to nominate Shane. On his way home from work on the 27th of October, he was driving when suddenly a car stopped in front of him without warning.

To avoid a collision, he swerved, but unfortunately crashed into a roadside curb. Thankfully, there were some bystanders who assisted, and they called for medical assistance. He does not have any form of medical aid or even a hospital plan, and as a result a government ambulance was called in to transfer him to a government hospital. A splint was placed in his left leg. The doctor confirmed that he had a fractured on both sides of his left ankle. Two days later he started getting a fever and this occurred every night thereafter. He was told that he needed an operation. CT scans were done on the 1st of November and results shared with Shane on the 5th. By this time his ankle and foot had swelled so much that they weren’t able to operate until the swelling had gone down. An open reduction internal fixation operation was scheduled for the 15th of November. His pain during this time has been unbearable.

Shane is a 33-year-old, hardworking man with a 12-year-old son. He does not earn a big salary and has many responsibilities. His livelihood depends on him being on his feet practically all day, every day. He’s a restaurant manager and the hours are long.


Financially he’s not in a position to afford physiotherapy.

NHC have once again agreed to help one of our recipients, and Basheer Mohammed will be providing Shayne with all the physio sessions he needs.

Hot Cares has purchased, R5000 mall voucher, R3000 grocery voucher, R2000 Dis-chem voucher to get him and his son over the next period of their lives while he heals.