Shawn With Cerebral Palsy Gets a Wish Beyond His Wildest Dreams - Hot 91.9

Wendy wrote into Christmas Wish to nominate her cousin Shawn. When Shawn was born on he took one breath, then stopped breathing. It took the OBGYN and 4 assistants 45 minutes to eventually clear the mucous from his mouth and throat before they could get him breathing again. As a result of the time it took to get him breathing again, Shawn ended up with cerebral palsy. He has never been able to walk and has a speech impediment which makes it difficult to understand him, but he is the most patient person and will repeat himself again and again to help you understand him! Sadly, his brain is really good, but he is literally a prisoner in his own body.

However, this has not deterred Shawn in the slightest from trying to live his best life. I have never seen Shawn without a smile on his face, and he is up for every challenge thrown at him – he has even been bungee jumping off the Soweto towers!

Shawn has an incredible love for music, he’s a DJ and his stage name is DJ SPAZ. Every year he DJ’s at the KES rugby festival, as well as at their home games. He’s also been playing regularly at the Sharks supporters club in Fairlands (which Wendy is sure we can forgive him for 😉) and is also the resident DJ every Friday at the Brazen Head restaurant in Edenvale.


Obviously there is very little extra in terms of money in this family due to the expenses incurred with Shawn, and both his parents, mom Coleen and dad Patrick, in their 60’s, still work and help Shawn with his daily bathing, dressing and eating requirements. His dad still has to carry him around sometimes, which is really difficult at this age. With the money Shawn has managed to save over the last few years he has recently bought himself a new computer to run his DJ’ing business off, but he has no other decent equipment to go with it. Shawn has started saving again for disco lights, a mixer and some new speakers.

Hot 91.9 love the fact that Shawn shares our passion for music and that despite his challenges and disability he has taken his passion and used it to generate income and be as independent as possible.

We have arranged with Audiosure to deliver speakers, stands, cables, mixer and lighting 

 (sold to us at a great discount) to the value of R16,000.00 which was paid for by Hot Cares.