Stacey Gets A Helping Hand - Hot 91.9

Angie wrote into Christmas wish on behalf of Stacey.At the age of 18 her whole life was turned upside down, a woman skipped a stop street, hit her car, and 6 years later this has affected her whole body, she has to use a wheelchair most of the time, and while she is not bound to the chair, its impacted her mobility. However, this wish isn’t to assist with mobility, this is to help make Christmas a little easier for Stacey and her partner. She loves children and serves at her church’s youth group which is where she and her partner volunteered to help foster two children for the long term at their own expense. They are both upstanding members of the community who do what they can to assist everyone in need. Stacey helps ground staff and admin staff with lifts to Kings School West Rand where she works and is always willing to jump in and give a helping hand if needed. She teaches grade 4 and 5 learners and managed to study for her teaching degree all while serving at school as an intern. She never complains about hard work or extra work and tries her best to help with anything she can.

Her car is breaking and isn’t in great shape but is adapted for a wheelchair-bound driver. She needs to have it fixed but can’t right now and she would benefit from financial help of any kind.

An anonymous sponsor was so touched by Stacy and her husband that she has donated R20,000.00 towards repairing their vehicle, clothing, nappies, Christmas goodies and other needs for the boys as well as grocery vouchers for them so that they can also share a wonderful Christmas together.