Unemployed Mom's Daughter Get's a Beautiful Christmas - Hot 91.9

Sandra wrote into Christmas Wish about her daughter, Shianne.

Sandra is a single mom who struggles financially, she is currently unemployed, and has been so for over a year. She and her daughter currently live with her parents who are both living off of SASSA pensions.

She has a wonderful little girl and often sits with tears in her eyes thinking of what she wishes she could give to her child, but can’t. Earlier this year her daughter was paging through the famous Toys R Us flyer and Sandra just had tears running down her face as she knew that this year she wouldn’t be able to fulfil any of her daughters wishes.

With the new school year around the corner, Sandra has had to look at the cost of uniforms and book packs, and while she would like o skip on one of those and get her daughter a present to put a smile on her face, she simply can’t. So she wrote into Hot 91.9.

A few things we found out along the way are that Shianne is currently way too big for her bicycle, and she would love a makeover of her room, so the Christmas Wish Team decided to step in and put a smile on a young girls face.

Bunny went to their home in Brakpan with new décor bought for Shianne’s room by Hot Cares, which included anew bed, bedding, the works. We also went one step further and got her a new bicycle! Plus to help her mom out, we gave her a R2000 shopping to ensure they have a nice Christmas meal.