Veteran Nurse Gets a New Set of Teeth - Hot 91.9

Izél Van Blerk wrote into Christmas Wish on behalf of her mother, Alida Meyer. She is currently a South African pensioner.

Earlier in her life she gave up so much to provide for Izél, at one stage worked two jobs just to give her daughter what she needed to have a good chance at life. She had to do this because she was widowed early on and all the family responsibility fell on her, but she did it willingly, and gladly.

Alida wasn’t just a good mother, she worked as sister in hospitals for over 45 years helping others, saving lives and looking after other people. Today it is so ingrained in her that she will always help and see what she can do to help and serve.

Izél tries her best to support her mom, but funds are also limited due to her also being widowed and having her own children to raise.

What Izél really wants for her mom is a new set of teeth. Alida has almost no teeth in her mouth and to have dentures made is financially out of reach. She has great difficulty eating, but always says the food is good even though she battles to eat, and no matter what happens she is always just so happy to be there and so grateful for where she is.


Christmas Wish wanted to give back to someone who has devoted their life to giving to others.  As a hospital sister for years, Alida gave to so many others both physically and emotionally.

Dr Bellas from NHC Medical and Dental Centre in Honeydew has agreed to once again assist us and will arrange to treat Alida and ensure she has a set of new beautiful teeth so she can be able to eat and smile again.