Vumacam, Future City and Hot919Fm - Hot 91.9

Hot91.9FM and Future City Fourways have done it again!

In partnership with Vumacam, we have launched the largest crime prevention project to date to make the Greater Fourways Community much safer for all!

As part of the successful HOT SQUAD initiative, Vumacam are providing 25 key intersections within Fourways with state-of-the-art HD camera’s to monitor vehicle license plates and intelligent software to monitor activities along these intersections

Rest assured, all this will be done within the Protection of Personal Information Act, making Fourways safer for all who live and travel within the community!

Community benefits flowing from the deployment of the Vumacam’s together with the Hot Squads include:

Substantially improved area safety and security.

More efficient deployment of security and policing resources.

Major precinct crime deterrent.

Real -time traffic monitoring.

Significantly enhanced property values.

Increased employment creation for the Hot Squad.

Powerful municipal services monitoring and management tool.

Clear evidential chain for prosecution of criminal activities and criminals.

Efficient state- of -the -art monitoring of not only traffic but pedestrians.

Interface between all utility organizations i.e JRA, Joburg Water, Joburg Parks, Pikitup, Provincial roads and Future City Fourways,

Prevention of cable theft.